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IASTM: Treatment for the chronic muscle injuries

IASTM: Treatment for the chronic muscle injuries


IASTM is short for Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization, and is a very effective treatment technique for those old, nagging injuries or “tendonitis” and “soft tissue adhesions”. Ideally layers of muscle and fascia slide easily over one another as we move through an active range of motion or contract a muscle group. These muscle adhesions form over time in response to tension or repetitive strain on muscles and fascia and build up as an “internal scar tissue” that connect layers of muscle together that are not normally connected.

Runners are a common group of athletes that often end up with similar repetitive stress type injuries that restrict that normal tissue mobility. This lack of proper mobility often can cause pain and result in an inability to run with proper form, including foot strike, hip stabilization, and even arm swing.  Common examples include iliotibial band syndrome (ITB), plantar fasciitis, achilles tendinitis, chronic tight calf muscles and hamstring strains, and even shoulder pain.

IASTM is a technique that we utilize in our office to break up the adhesions that form between the tissue layers and bring blood flow to the area effectively relieving the reducing the pain and improving the active range of motion. The treatment is individualized to each athlete’s unique condition with some seeing quick results while other more chronic injuries see relief in just a few treatment periods. Each treatment period is then followed up with reinforcing proper movement patterns to restore mobility, with a majority of athletes being able to return to their respective sport immediately, not requiring a break from training.

If you have questions about IASTM or would like to see if you could benefit from this type of treatment, feel free to call our office or visit our website at to schedule a consultation.


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